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About Shing – from our clients

“Shing starts as a vendor. Shing stays as a partner”

About Shing – from our employees

“I was hired as a skilled employee. They trained me to be an IT Industry Juggernaut. Yes…Juggernaut!”

About Shing – now from us

We’ve been around since 2001. We’re not old! We’re experienced.

We are here because we LOVE to partner in our clients success.

We LOVE to be a part of building our employees lives (which helps our clients too).

Our employees work only 60% on client support and projects.

The other 40% we pay them to research, get educated, grow their skill set because Technology changes CONSTANTLY – there are cyber threats, technology improvements, aging equipment.

We invest in our people to be at the cutting edge, for you.



To Free You! To allow you to create, build, grow, make money, change the world! We focus on your technology so you can be FREE! To do what you want.



A world where no one is lost in the IT void. We put the HumanITy into information technology



“It’s a Shing Thing”– inclusiveness, teamwork, empowerment, openness- these are all a part of us, our culture and our family, which includes you.

Join us, then stick with us! It’s an amazing journey that is only at the beginning!

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