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Industry Under Attack – Fear Mongering or Call For Awareness?

Royal Glenora Club ~ Glenrose Room 11160 River Valley Road Northwest, Edmonton

Does your organization truly need a Cyber Security Plan, or is the whole concept just fear mongering? Do you know what you will do if your system does get hacked? What are the steps? How can you secure your key data which is core to your business? With so much going on in Information Technology…

Legislation For OT Security – Are You In The Loop?

Virtual Event

Canadian legislation for OT security is changing and we want to make sure you're prepared! Together, MICA Controls, Shing Digital, and OPSWAT have put together a presentation to provide an overview of the updated Federal Legislation, how it may impact your OT Security Structure, and how we can help you to ensure your business is…

Digging into Deleted or Lost Information: Digital Forensics

Virtual Event

More and more cases rely on digital evidence. How can lawyers recover digital information from computers, mobile devices, and cloud sources in ways that will be accepted by the courts? How can they certify that the data is authentic? Collecting digital evidence in a secure manner, using sound forensic methodologies, is key. Join a digital…

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