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Multi Factor Authentication and Two Factor Authentication

May 26, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Cyber Security Expert Corner

With many of us working away from our offices, or working on remote systems, Multi Factor Authentication and Two Factor Authentication transcends locations. It protects your users log in to your digital assets. Why is this important? You want to protect your digital assets, specifically cloud assets, Office 365, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP or even your website. Another example is access to VPNs which are a gateway to your network. Reason for MFA is that You can easily steal user passwords and logins via multiple methods in the marketplace. From outright stealing them to buying them on the dark web, at one point or another all of us will be impacted. Once the bad guys have them, without MFA, there is nothing stopping them from accessing the rest of your network. Some people believe that MFA or 2FA is cumbersome, but the system has come along in the last few years and therefore not inconvenient at all. With a press of a button you can protect your entire system. Join us to learn why it is important, and if what you have in place will be enough.

Our awesome speakers

Speaker: Kristo Herzog

Bio: Kristo is a Partner Manager for Duo’s award-winning MSP program. With a background in information security and business intelligence, his focus revolves around educating his partners on the importance of MFA/Trusted Access. In 2018, he joined the Duo MSP Program and accelerated the onboarding of more than 15,000 + managed service providers.

Interviewer: Dorota Ulkowska

Bio: Dorota is Shing Digital’s Sales Manager and the relationship developer of the organization. She focuses on what is important to our clients, and provides them with the required resources, information or laughs! Dorota will be asking the key questions during the webinar – What, Why and How? She will be also moderating the questions coming from the attendees so we can maximize on the information exchange during  the session.

WIN an IT Risk Assessment worth $15,000! To enter the draw, you must attend the live Webinar. In order to get your name into the draw twice, book a meeting with Shing Digital to discuss your Cyber Security plan in more detail. Webinar attendance – 1 entry. Booking a meeting with Shing – 2 entries. No commitment to work with Shing Digital is required. Your name goes into a draw which is then pulled on September 15th!



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