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HACKERS ARE BRILLIANT! And so is Shing’s Cyber Security Team!

To benefit from our brilliance, join us for a 10-part series of Cyber Security webinars, where your Shing team interviews a variety of Cyber Security experts, digging into what you need to know to keep your data, systems and company IT safe and secure from those brilliant hackers and the threats they launch.

What will be covered? View video below for a 15 minute video by CaSh Wong, our CPO (chief propeller head – he prefers CEO…) as he introduces the series and outlines the Cybersecurity topics we will cover through the series. Or see the list of topics and dates below.

Need more incentive to watch the webinars, other than protecting yourself, your job, and your company? Well, here you go! How about a prize for attending?

At the conclusion of the series, any participant who attends any of the webinars will be entered to win an IT RISK ASSESSMENT for their company, valued at $15,000! And if you meet with us to discuss any of your Cybersecurity needs between now and September 1st, we will double your entries!

Cybersecurity Defense Essential Series

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