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How protected are your digital assetsIs your network safeHave you been hackedLet our CyberSecurity experts protect you

Our CyberSecurity Team is focused on providing your organization with comprehensive security solutions

Securing your end points, infrastructure, applications, and data should be top of mind for organizations of all sizesShing Digital provides customized solutions that can keep organizations of any size protectedWe are partnered with some of the top security hardware, software, and services firms in the world and we provide our own in-house auditing and security management solutions to fit any client’s needs. 

Firewall as a Service

Don’t worry about firewall appliances or how to manage and configure a next generation firewall. Shing Digital will provide you with the next generation firewall, secure your perimeter, and manage the firewall for you.

EDR as a Service

Traditional anti-malware solutions cannot keep up with the latest cyber-threats. Shing Digital will provide a next generation Endpoint Detection and Response solution with AI to adapt to any threat.

Data Security as a Service

Data is at the heart of most organizations but most don’t have visibility into what is happening with that data. Shing Digital can help you change that, no matter if the data is in the cloud or on-premise.

Compliance as a Service

Does your organization have PCI, CSOX, SOX, or Cybersecurity Insurance compliance requirements? Let our Cybersecurity team manage your compliance needs. We will review your policies, perform routine compliance tests, and gather all the necessary evidence so that your organization will pass your compliance checks with ease.

IDR as a Service

Even the best built infrastructure is not perfect. Our Intrusion Detection and Response service operates at the network level to find any suspicious or malicious activity that may invading your infrastructure. Our Security Operations Centre is staffed with security experts to review any activity and we will react to stop the hackers in their tracks.

CyberSecurity Awareness as a Service

For all the automation and security that we can put into place to protect your infrastructure, the number one defense against any malicious attack is your staff. Shing Digital’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training program will provide training and testing to your staff so that they are well prepared to recognize the attacks aimed at them.

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