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Every solution that Shing Digital provides is designed to have a meaningful impact on your organization

Our IT solutions strategy is to always look out for and test the best of breed products and services in the industry and to make sure that our team is well trained to support every IT solution. We support a range of products and services from trusted partners that are right sized for your organization. We don’t and won’t sell you everything but we will provide you with solutions that will make a difference to your organization.


Are public cloud services right for your organization? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. We can help you make the correct choice for you organization.

Private Cloud

Public clouds are all the rage but maybe your organization isn’t quite ready to make that leap. Shing Digital has a private cloud centre that can be that stepping stone to eventually (or maybe not) reaching the public cloud. Our private facility can house your critical workloads or act as a disaster recovery site.

Modern Data Centre Solutions

Modern data centre infrastructure should be engineered, scalable, and does not require specialized effort to manage. If that doesn’t describe your infrastructure, let Shing Digital show you the solutions that can help you achieve those goals.

Storage Solutions

Storage is not about just about where the bits and bytes are stored, it is about how to deliver the right solution for the right job. Gone are the days of simply choosing between iSCSI and FCThe choices for storage are now spinning disk, hybrid, SSDNVMeand software defined. And then you have to choose between scale up or scale out or both and then is it block or file. Storage is easy until it is not. Let Shing Digital find the solution that works for your organization. 

Client Computing

Client solutions are more than just a choice between a laptop and a desktop. Organizations can have very complex needs such as client encryption for compliance or thin clients to support Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to service on-premise and teleworkers. Perhaps, you need a ruggedize solution for extreme field work or a sleek but performance minded laptop. Whatever your needs are, Shing Digital has a solution.

Data Protection Systems

Data protection is more than just backups. Not using the correct combination of software, hardware, and/or cloud can lead to avoidable disasters. Let Shing Digital provide you with world class solutions to ensure your data is protected and your organization can survive any disaster.

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