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Mrs. Wong (yes, really Mrs. Wong), was brought asked to come in to referee brother 1 and brother 2 and to make sure they didn’t spend all the profits on bigger monitors and flashing light computer towers. As our CFO, Melanie excels at curbing the gratuitous spend!

Melanie made the jump from food, nutrition and hospitality industries into the much more exciting world of tech, to ensure there was enough money left so that our employees could enjoy the food and hospitality industries. Melanie keeps tabs on, develops strategy for and helps align the fiscal compass of the company so that it always points toward “rampant innovation” allowing our incredible clients to always experience the new, flashy and protective tech that makes their companies successful beyond their wildest dreams.

All the really fun stuff is in Melanie’s LinkedIn profile, accessed here. Or shoot her a note about the nutritional values of an all you can eat sushi dinner – she will talk your ear off in between sashimi bites.

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