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To Whom it may concern,

I write this letter as reference for Shing Digital Inc.

For a number of years we struggled through various IT providers with limited success. Over 5 years ago a friend recommended Shing Digital as a competent, reliable, and professional firm which he uses and which he spoke of very highly.

And now, I am very happy to offer an excellent reference for this firm. We have used Shing Digital as our main IT provider for over 5 years now and continue to do so. We are very happy with their level of service and the relationship developed. This firm is top notch. They have very strong knowledge base and they display a high level of professionalism. Their response to our issues is effective and timely. And, as important, their behind the scenes work ensures our systems are well maintained and functioning in the desired manner.

I can say only very good things about this firm and their personnel. I am happy to endorse this firm and would strongly recommend Shing Digital to any organization in need of quality IT services.

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