Cybersecurity Essentials

HACKERS ARE BRILLIANT! And so is our Cybersecurity Team!

Cybersecurity Experts Corner

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats businesses face as more of our world moves online. 

To benefit from our brilliance, join us for a 10-part series of Cyber Security webinars, where your Shing team interviews a variety of Cyber Security experts, digging into what you need to know to keep your data, systems and company IT safe and secure from those brilliant hackers and the threats they launch.

Now is the Time To Do Something!

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CyberSecure Canada Certification

Shing Digital is excited to announce that we have been officially certified by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada for the CyberSecure Canada Certification. CyberSecure ...
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Industry under attack? Yep, and YOU ARE NEXT! 

“But I’m small. No one knows I exist. They know they won’t get 2 million dollars from me.”  But what about $140,000? The average ransom ...
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Canadian Legislation for OT Security – Are you in the loop?

Canadian legislation for OT security (Bill C-26) is changing and we want to make sure you’re prepared! Together, MICA Controls, Shing Digital, and OPSWAT have ...
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