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We’re not old! We’re experienced.

In fact We’ve been around since 2001.

So, what does that experience get you? A team that has pretty much seen it all and knows how to deal with it. It also gets you an IT partner who is just as committed to your success as you are. We’re with you for the long haul. And it’s not just your success we invest in. We LOVE to be a part of building our employee’s careers and by extension their lives.

The IT world is constantly changing. And that means our team needs to constantly be ahead of the curve. That’s why our employees spend 60 per cent of their time on client support and projects. The remaining 40 per cent of the time we pay them to research, get educated, grow their skill set. 

Meet Our People

CaSh Wong


Chief Executive Officer

CaShing (see what he did…CaSh…Shing….;-) Wong –  or Brother 1 as we call him – founded Shing Digital in 2001. While his list of roles, skills and tequila collections are exhaustive, the only thing that really qualifies him to be CEO of Shing is his unflagging devotion to people and their success. Both clients and employees. Whether he is solving a technical challenge, financial conundrum, human resources refereeing or coaching a robotics team, he never loses sight that it is the people that make things happen, need help and all told, benefit from his involvement.

If you really want to see a laundry list of his experience and lifelong achievements, visit his (somewhat) up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

Trevor Nawalkowski



A Pizza Fanatic, Cycling Aficionado, Business Builder. And he likes bourbon too. And after 2 years of interviews (some call it consulting), privileged to be asked to be President of the amazing Shing team.

Trevor’s skillset is in asking questions and bringing people and teams together to find the right solution for the actual problem. Whether he’s helping troubleshoot business operations challenges, managing a sales team, or looking for strategic solutions for business growth, he 100% relies on his Shing Team and trusted network of friends and colleagues to find the right people, products and technology for what is being worked toward.

Trevor believes in living like it’s always his last day on earth, but planning like he’s going to live forever!

Lung Wong


Chief Operating Officer

Brother 2 was begged by brother 1 to join Shing in 2002, to bring some wizardry/guidance to the rampantly growing operations. When not focused on COO things or coaching our tech team or hunting for rare breed tech solutions, Lung can be found nose down automating everything. He sinks peacefully into a warm quilt of programming code and is rue to come out. Except when he has to get back to chasing down his twin hell-raising munchkins.

Lung is famous for finding the “obvious” solutions, to “not obvious” problems, always coaching and pushing the team to think further, faster, with more innovation.

If you really want to blow an afternoon looking at all his credentials, which really don’t do him and his tech expertise credit, feel free to click through to his LinkedIn. Good luck with that.

Melanie Wong


Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Wong (yes, really Mrs. Wong), was brought asked to come in to referee brother 1 and brother 2 and to make sure they didn’t spend all the profits on bigger monitors and flashing light computer towers. As our CFO, Melanie excels at curbing the gratuitous spend!

Melanie made the jump from food, nutrition and hospitality industries into the much more exciting world of tech, to ensure there was enough money left so that our employees could enjoy the food and hospitality industries. Melanie keeps tabs on, develops strategy for and helps align the fiscal compass of the company so that it always points toward “rampant innovation” allowing our incredible clients to always experience the new, flashy and protective tech that makes their companies successful beyond their wildest dreams.

All the really fun stuff is in Melanie’s LinkedIn profile, accessed here. Or shoot her a note about the nutritional values of an all you can eat sushi dinner – she will talk your ear off in between sashimi bites.

Dorota Ulkowska



Dorota’s LinkedIn posts are the only one’s worth looking at of our whole team. Do yourself a favour and browse those here for fun, then call her to work with her…I mean us. You won’t regret it! She’s not just our Sales Manager, she’s our Spirit Driver.

From the first phone call with Dorota on, you will, for the first time ever, look forward to a call from someone in sales. In fact, you might reach out to her when you don’t need anything just to get an energy boost, laugh, alternative outlook, refresh your day. Do it. You won’t regret it. Call her – (403) 238-4941 ext. 1108.

Marcel Cote


Client Services

Marcel comes from the school of management focusing in chaos control. 6 kids and 10 grandkids mean he’s well suited to managing the potential chaos of our family of IT pro’s, with their quirks, needs, questions (always asking why why why). A patient nurturing style underlies an intense dislike for wasting people’s time. Get er done once, get it done right, so there is more time to watch hockey.

Speaking of which, Marcel balances out our primarily Edmonton Oiler fanbase – not sure how that happened with a corporate head office in Calgary. But a week doesn’t go by without a Calgary Flames hat adorning his pate, or a jersey donned in effigy of our one year, 1989 dynasty. He’s nothing but optimism!


Edmonton Office & Service Desk Lead

Huy may be our Edmonton office manager and Service Desk Team Lead. But we don’t care about that. We only care that his mom makes the best pizza in Edmonton. Oh, I guess we care if his client service team takes your calls 24/7 – that’s important too.

Huy has been with us 16+ years and is a fount of knowledge and IT tech capability that gets relied on daily. Huy’s knowledge base is almost as deep as his horded tech stash – if you need any serial cables or floppy drives, I’ll bet he has multiple colours tucked away somewhere in Edmonton.

Join us, then stick with us! It’s an amazing journey that is only at the beginning!

Don't believe us? Let our clients tell you Themselves.

what we stand for


To Free You! To allow you to create, build, grow, make money, change the world! We focus on your technology so you can be FREE! To do what you want.


A world where no one is lost in the IT void. We put the HumanITy into information technology


“It’s a Shing Thing”– inclusiveness, teamwork, empowerment, openness- these are all a part of us, our culture and our family, which includes you.

living our values

Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to be here tomorrow. And the next day. And the next year. Living our lives happy, healthy and wealthy.

We strive to build, work and play in a world that our people, our clients and our neighbors are happily and healthily living in and working for today and the future.

Whenever we make a personal or business decision, we ask “does it sustain our people, our relationships, our economics and our physical environment?”. If it does not, we don’t do it. It’s that simple.

From printing a document, to choosing our tech, to implementing an HR policy – these are the questions we ask and a sustainable environment is what we strive for.

And it’s not rocket science, but it takes commitment.


Now is the Time To Do Something!

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