Your IT Security and IT Management, we take seriously! Ourselves? Not so much.

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Protecting your data is our number 1 priority

Cybersecurity Technology Solutions 

Security Audits

Compliance Support

Explore the ways we can help you secure your data, infrastructure, applications and bring sanity to your compliance requirements.

Managed IT Solutions

Let us keep your tech stack running smoothly

Who will you call at 3AM from Shanghai to get connected back to your network? Shing! 

What do you do if you are locked out of your account? Call Shing! 

Your entire POS system went down on Black Friday? Call Shing!

Learn more about how we free you from tech troubles so you can focus on your business-building dreams.

Technology Solutions

On-premise or cloud, solutions that make a difference

Have you heard the sound of 6 VX Rails starting up? 

It’s like a jet plane taking off and we’ve heard it many times! 

When you moved your servers from one office to another the last time, was the disconnect/reconnect seamless? 

Maybe you were working with us already.

See all of the areas our Tech Team can put the HumanITy back in your IT!

events - live and virtual

Our experts are putting together an exciting slate of events in 2024. Watch our Events page for new learning opportunities and registration details. 

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We have seen a lot of IT trends and threats since our founding in 2001. We keep securing networks, planning and managing IT infrastructure, and supporting your users because we LOVE to partner with you and see you succeed!

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