Is Copilot Worth the Hype?

A blog post by a semi-satisfied Copilot user.

If you use Microsoft at all, you may have heard of Copilot. Over the last few months we have heard many of you ask, what is it? How does it work? Is it worth paying $500 per year for it? Continue for our possibly “Copilot generated” thoughts.

So, What is Copilot?

Copilot is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to write content in any domain, from excel analysis, email creation, marketing to education. It can be web-based – Like Edge Browser’s Copilot powered by Chat-GPT. Or Internal System based, like the $500/year version that crosses over into our SharePoint system.

Copilot works by analyzing billions of lines of code and text from public sources and using a deep learning model to generate relevant and accurate suggestions. And it’s a learning tool, using your queries and content, adapting the output to your style and preferences.

What can Copilot do?

Copilot can help you with tasks such as creating functions, writing tests, fixing bugs, documenting code, generating headlines, writing emails, and more. Copilot helps initiate the creation of high-quality content faster and easier, improving your productivity and creativity. Among the many features, here are some of the benefits of using Copilot for small or medium organizations:

  • Content Creation: Copilot can assist in generating headlines, writing emails, and creating other types of content. This can save time and effort for organizations, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business. Some examples are – business announcements, proposal summaries, blog creations (did I create this blog through Copilot? Hmmm).
  • Learning: This especially works well if you have Copilot for Microsoft 365 vs the free version. Paid license allows you to use your corporate information securely, without the AI capturing it for use for others. But if you do have this version, then your own company material can be re-written by Copilot in such a way that it outlines detailed training of your products, systems, and solutions. The system can also create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch with all the data you specify, to help you present in a creative and informative way.
  • Collaboration: Copilot can facilitate collaboration among team members by providing suggestions and ideas, improving the quality of the work produced. This can be done through email and Teams. You cannot join a meeting? No worries, have Copilot summarize the meeting for you and create to do’s without you having to be there!

So, is it worth it?

While Copilot is not a replacement for your own skills and judgment, it can be a HUGE helper that can assist you and enhance your work. It can create the initial, very excellent drafts of emails and responses. It can analyze Excel Data. It can write, when prompted properly, extensive content for training, marketing, internal communications. It can be utilized to go to multiple meetings at the same time, generating time saving summary notes or recaps.

Love/Hate relationship with PowerPoint? No worries, Copilot will generate slides that make you look like a super user.

Drawbacks? While there are still a few accuracy hiccups within Copilot, with a small amount of editing and double checking, it works as an incredible tool for efficiency.

So, am I semi-satisfied as a Copilot user? No, I’m SUPER-SATISFIED! The $500 is worth it! It saves me hours of initial content generation  and data analyzing.  It allows me to join multiple meetings which I may not have time to attend, and the summaries and recaps are a gamechanger. It has optimized my work and made me look like a Manager Queen in front of others. So yep, money well spent!

If you are interested in trying Copilot, please reach out to us. We are happy to provide you with a demo.